Caterpillar and a sunset

This was obviously “set up”. I didn’t disturb it much though. After I got the shot, I placed it back where I found it. I’ve always been a huge fan of silhouettes and I’m still learning how to get them right. But hey, who’s complaining, right?



Spider under the sheets

The air con was all choked up and we had it cleaned. After the cleaning guys left, it felt like a bomb had gone off in the room – a layer of dust everywhere! I went straight to the broom and Anju took over the bedsheets. And sitting pretty under the bedsheet was this!  Wonder how it got there and how it survived without getting squished! Nonetheless, a beautiful specimen.


When your son brings home a…

My son rushed back home from play a few evenings back carefully pinching a butterfly in his hands. The butterfly seemed unhurt and I had to oblige him with a photoshoot. We carefully laid the butterfly in our light box with a few sugar crystals to keep it occupied. I quickly took the camera out and got to work.

Turns out it was a pea blue butter fly – Lampides boeticus. It’s a pretty little butterfly, especially when you look at the upper part of its wings (it’s bluish in collar – that’s what gives the butterfly its name). Unfortunately, it never opened up and I could not get a shot. It posed for a couple of minutes before flying away.