The Lesser Sand Plover

Ah, the little surprises the coasts hold! I was walking along the beach when I suddenly saw about a dozen little birds scurrying away right from under my feet. They were so well camouflaged, I hardly noticed them until I was almost upon them! I had never seen this particular bird before so I could not readily identify them. I quickly moved away to fetch my camera and crawled back on all fours back to where I had seen them settle down.


And there they were, crouching in the cool sand as if sheltering from the harsh wind and sun. I wonder if thats what they were doing. I managed to get closer (flat on my belly) and and get a few shots. The sun was harsh and directly above me, so some of the shots are, well, not ideal.


The bird is called a Lesser sand plover. It’s scientific name has an interesting story associated to it. Called the Charadrius mongolus, the name literally means a bird found near the water (creeks, rivers, beaches) from Mongolia. But interestingly, the ancient Greeks believed that sighting this bird during night times would cure jaundice.




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